Sunday, May 21, 2017

Vargo Titanium Hexagon WOOD GAS Stove by Wawhiker

There was a time not too long ago when wood gas stoves for backpacking were simply known as the Bush Buddy.  It was a marvel, the best and original.  Now there are every knock-off variations available on any web store street corner.  The same could be said for folding backpacking wood stoves - the Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove has always been my favorite.  I still carry it every time out. 

The benefits of the wood gas stove, especially for backpacking, allows you to get the most efficient fuel burn for what you can carry and gather. Longer burn times, less smoke and a hotter flame make wood gas a clear winner over non-gas wood stoves.

One disadvantage - most wood gas wood burning stoves tend to be a bit too bulky. 

Folding backpacking wood stoves not so.

Ideally, why not a folding backpacking wood gas stove?  I thought I could come close.  Why not visit my old favorite Vargo wood stove and make it work without re-inventing the wheel?

I did.  First time out, on the first test burn.  It was a success!  My past builds and experience with wood gas and wood burning stoves helped.

I simply used a food can insert with the Vargo. A few "specifically-sized" and "specially-placed" holes drilled into the can did the trick.

For the first test burn I used a very stable wood fuel, wood stove pellets.

You can see the test burn and how to build the Vargo Titanium Hexagon WOOD GAS Stove by Wawhiker on my YouTube channel

With the Vargo wood stove being fold-able and the wood gas food can insert able to fit into my Snow Peak Solo cook kit, I gain a wood gas stove and lose no space in what I carry.

I'm thinking I might just bring along some wood pellets too - a half cup burns for 20 minutes.  I need to burn up the 20 pound bag of wood pellets stored in my garage some way. 

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