Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hilleberg Akto in the Snow

This season I set out to search for a solo 4 season shelter to add to my winter camping gear.

Why Hilleberg?  Swedish and Local

I really enjoy a fair share of Swedish outdoor gear.  When tools, knives, cooksets and clothing come to mind Swedish backpacking gear has the long standing reputation for being some of the best designed and most well made.

I've considered Hilleberg tents in the past.  Watching several of their tents being shown by Bruce on his YouTube channel Nature Calls Backpacking reminded me of Hilleberg again. Thanks Bruce!

I visited Hilleberg's website and saw that Hilleberg has a USA location, with a 425 area code. That's local!?  Their US offices are located in Redmond, Washington.

Why Akto?

There are many reviews for the Akto in print (and, all over the world on YouTube videos).  I've read almost every review on the Hilleberg Akto - nearly all were positive.

I was finally sold on the Akto by YouTube channel Ascent41 and its content creator Si.  The  Welsh hills and mountains where he backpacks are absolutely gorgeous. And seeing his Akto from inside and outside - cooking in the vestibule, laying under the yellow inner tent with plenty of room for gear and adventurer - got me hooked on the Akto.  Si - thank you!

You can watch my first pitch of the Hilleberg Akto on Wawhiker Backpacking.

I defer a review of the Hilleberg Akto.  As with most of my backpacking gear - I leave reviews to others.  But I will say, I'm very pleased with the Hilleberg Akto and look forward to many years backpacking with it.

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