Saturday, June 24, 2017

Passing of the Torch

My original REI Candle Lantern has served me well for so many years.  It still has the original glass globe, though a bit clouded with soot and wax.

I felt it was time to retire the keepsake so I could one day pass it down to a family camper. 
Uco released a special edition of their original candle lantern a few years ago.  I purchased two directly from them.  I gave one to my son.  The other lantern I will use on my overnight backpacking adventures.

Some day soon I hope to show my grandsons the wonder of that reassuring little flame flickering in the dark at our camp site, burning all night long, undaunted by rain, wind and cold.  
You can see the first burn of the new special edition Uco Candle Lantern on my latest Wawhiker Backpacking YouTube video.

Cooper and I had to wait a bit before lighting the Uco candle.  We kept the campsite dark for as long as possible to watch the lingering effects of the near Summer Solstice - the backpacking adventure I specifically wanted to experience in the mountains.  It was wonderful.

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