Sunday, November 15, 2009

4 in 1 Backpacking Wood Stove

On my YouTube channel is a video of my DIY 4 in 1 Wood Gas, Wood, Esbit and Alcohol burning backpacking stove. Watching many YouTube videos on the subject I decided to come up with a version of my own.

Mine borrows ideas and designs from J Falk and others - but I give special credit to Hiram Cook and his use of a Progresso soup can (for the Wood Gas chamber) that fits the 1 quart paint can perfectly. You need to visit his YouTube site, his work on stoves is amazing! (And be sure to check out his buddy Max).

The stove(s) turned out okay for my first attempt. Making all of them fit into a GSI Dualist Cooking Set was an added bonus and a pleasant surprise.

Hopefully you are able to get a view from all angles for each part of the stove as I spun them.

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